In-House Diagnostics


Quick and Accurate Diagnostics

At North Reading Veterinary Clinic, we prioritize swift and accurate diagnoses through our cutting-edge in-house diagnostic services.


Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory is equipped with advanced facilities, enabling us to conduct a range of essential tests promptly. Here’s what that includes:

Serum Chemistry: Analyzing blood chemistry to assess organ functions and overall health.

Hematology: Examining blood components for comprehensive insights into your pet’s well-being.

Serology: Testing for antibodies or antigens in the blood to identify infectious diseases.

Cytology: Microscopic examination of cells for the diagnosis of abnormalities.

Urinalysis: Evaluating urine to detect signs of kidney disease, diabetes, and other conditions.

While we leverage our in-house capabilities for routine diagnostics, we also collaborate with commercial veterinary laboratories for specialized tests, cytology, hematology, and biopsies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your pet’s health.


Radiology Services

Our on-site digital X-ray equipment plays a pivotal role in rapid and accurate diagnoses. The advanced digital X-ray technology produces clear and detailed images, aiding in the quick identification of various disorders.

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